Secondary Zone minds in motion!

It’s nearly the end of the first In the Zone week and there’s lots to report!

We kicked off the first live chats in Secondary Zone yesterday with students from Rhyl High School and St Marks High School. Students quizzed the scientists on the weird and wonderful, from the science of armpit hair to why we get cramps.

Minds in motion! Photo credit: Alejandro Zorrilal Cruz

Minds in motion! Photo credit: Alejandro Zorrilal Cruz

Outside of live chats, students have been busy asking the scientists over 220 questions. Some of the best mind and body in motion questions include:

What muscle in your body is used most frequently?

How do athletes calm down before competitions?


And Pete’s also been explaining how to find your blind spot

Students taking part this week get to VOTE to save their favourite scientists and every vote counts! On Friday July 6th the five scientists with the most votes will battle it in the final week of student voting.

Next week, we’ve got a brand new set of scientists waiting to chat and answer students’ questions. Here’s who’ll be In the Zone:

  • Mark Uphill, Lecturer, Canterbury Christ Church University: Butterflies, knots and fire in the belly; my research explores athletes’ emotions during competition and the extent to which their emotions may help or hinder sport performance.
  • Kate Davies, PhD Student, Cardiff Metropolitan University: With a changing climate my work will be investigating how new artificial turf could have an effect on athletes performance and injury potential.
  • Yue Zheng, PhD Student, University of Cambridge: I research looking into novel causes of inflammation aspect of atherosclerosis.
  • Tess Newman, PhD Student, University of Bath: I look at ways to create new living body tissue, such as bone, outside of the body, so that it can be implanted into people who need it.

There are now 37 live chats booked and they keep coming! We’ve still got lots of spaces for chats so teachers book your live chats soon to ensure your students get to talk to the In the Zone scientists.

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  1. fayedidymus says:

    Hi all,

    It’s been great being involved with I’m a Scientist…the questions have been really insightful – there are some seriously smart students out there! Budding scientists no doubt! They’ve made me think outside of the box to engage young people in science and have made me think about all different areas of science outside of my area of expertise.

    It’s great to think about innovative ways to answer questions and I think I’ve learnt as much as the students have! I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who is thinking of getting involved…it’s not only interesting but also rewarding 🙂

    I’m looking forward to answering lots more questions over the weekend!


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