Who’s In the Zone and when!

We’ve now selected most of the scientists for the rest of In the Zone.  Have a look at what they do and why not book a live chat in the week with the scientists that get your heart pumping.

There are still spaces in some weeks, but 11th – 29th June are now fully booked. BOOK NOW to make sure your students get to talk to the In the Zone scientists.

Week 21st – 25th May: BOOK LIVE CHATS!

 Week 28th – 1st June: BOOK LIVE CHATS!

Week 11th – 15th June: BOOK LIVE CHATS!

Week 18th – 22nd June: BOOK LIVE CHATS!

Week 25th – 29th June: BOOK LIVE CHATS!

Week 2nd – 6th July: BOOK LIVE CHATS!

Please note these scientists may change but if they do, we’ll let teachers know if they’ve booked a live chat in that week.

Once you’ve booked a chat, we’ll then send you a teacher pack and access cards for your students and as soon as they arrive in the post, your students can start asking the scientists questions!

A big thank you to scientists Jonathan Robinson, Mustafa Sarkar, Tess Newman and Yue Zheng who have now completed their In the Zone weeks. Maybe we’ll see them again in the final!

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