Over 700 mind boggling, heart pumping student questions!

Tasty live chats…

In last week’s live chats students at Irvine Royal School asked some tasty questions, including: “why do our taste buds change” and “why can you not taste right when you’ve got the cold

While students at Hackney City Academy wanted to know :”how do brain waves travel from your brain to another part of your body? Doesn’t it take time for your body to re-act?” and “how do muscles grow nd become stronger?


"why does our body become dehydrated?" See student question. Image by Bengt Nyman

"why does our body become dehydrated?" See student question. Image by Bengt Nyman

Brainy questions…

Students have now asked over 700 questions, getting our minds boggling: “how does your brain hold all the information you learn at school“,

and hearts pumping: “why does your heart rate increase when you are scared or panic?

Question of the week goes to student jonjo123 for asking his mouth watering question : “why does our body become dehydrated?


Thank yous!

A big thank you to Liz Nicholson for writing her report on what it’s like to be a Teacher In the Zone: “The buzz this created in the classroom was HUGE”

After Hackney City Academy’s live chat, teacher Kathryn Broughton said:

“The chat was great! The children were really excited about having their questions answered and were really enthusiastic about having the opportunity to interact with ‘real live scientists’. Thank you for all your help”


 There’s now only 4 weeks left to take part! And live chat spaces are running out. So get involved and BOOK your live chat now! 





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