• Question: @amyevans, being a scientist, do you find yourself being misunderstood as the stereotype ?

    Asked by rayman to Adam, Amylou, Mark L, Samantha on 14 Jun 2012.
    • Photo: Amy Evans

      Amy Evans answered on 14 Jun 2012:

      Hi rayman,

      I think sometimes people expect me to be really brainy, quite serious and working on experiments all day and night as a scientist but actually being a scientist doesn’t mean you have to be llike that at all. Whilst I have to work very hard and take my work very seriously, I’m also very happy-go-lucky and I’m quite a girly girl; I love shopping, shoes, going out with my friends, watching movies and going to music concerts. I like to think that ‘I am who I am’ and that me being scientist just adds to that, it doesn’t change my personality 🙂