• Question: could implants effect your body like the health or how fast you are???

    Asked by lizzietheboss to Lisa on 1 Jun 2012.
    • Photo: Lisa Fitzgerald

      Lisa Fitzgerald answered on 1 Jun 2012:

      Hi @lizzietheboss,

      Implants are generally, with a few notable exceptions, used to replace or support a failing part of the body. For instance, a damaged heart may be partially replaced with an artificial one or a supported by a pacemaker. This will undoubtedly improve your health although there are associated risk due to the need for surgery (in the case of an implant) and the chance that the body might react to the non-biological materials.

      Joints are some of the most common areas to be replaced in the body – more than 70000 knees were replaced in the UK in 2010. Replacing a worn and painful knee will improve the patients health as they will feel less pain and be able to move about more and therefore exercise and live a healthier life. It will likely also make them able to walk faster than before the op but not turn them into world class athletes!

      Implants are not however designed or used to replace healthy joints or body parts to make them better and you faster or stronger …

      There is however some debate in the sporting community as to whether the external prosthetic legs worn by disabled athletes make than faster than they would be if they have healthy legs …

      I hope this helps answer your question!