• Question: How did you get involved in the i'm a scientist scheme?

    Asked by mini3dimensions to Adam, Amylou, Mark L, Samantha on 13 Jun 2012.
    • Photo: Amy Evans

      Amy Evans answered on 13 Jun 2012:

      I got involved when one of my friends told me about the scheme becuase they were taking part. They said how much fun it was answering all of the questions and how the scheme was not only great because we get to tell you all about science and what being a scientist is really all about, but also how much we learn from you and your questions! So I signed up on the internet staright away and now I’m having a fantastic time answering your questions and am looking forward to doing some live chats this afternoon too. I’ve told lots of my colleagues who are scientists about the scheme so hopefully you can chat to them too in the future!

    • Photo: Samantha Wright

      Samantha Wright answered on 15 Jun 2012:

      I’m the same as Amy actually – someone in my office told me about it and I thought it looked like a really good idea so I signed up! I think I was so won over because I thought it was the sort of thing I would have loved to have had the opportunity to do whilst I was in School!