• Question: Is it possible to remember every single moment of your life from when you were being born until your death?

    Asked by lilltemisslucielawsonbraniacgirl to David, Jonathan, Ou, Pete, Sam, Samantha, Martin, Faye, Adam on 31 May 2012. This question was also asked by emilemon.
    • Photo: Sam Carr

      Sam Carr answered on 31 May 2012:

      Great question. Is it possible? Theoretically, yes. What I mean by that is that we could probably construct some sort of form of artificial intelligence that could do this. However, can WE do it? No. This is largely because not everything you do really NEEDS to get into your long term memory. Do I remember what I had for dinner 27 days ago…no. Why not? It is meaningless and useless information that my brain simply decided was of no great use to me. Also, sometimes things happen that your brain does not WANT to remember (because it might be really painful to recall it). So your brain can actually sort of “block” you from accessing that memory.