• Question: When you were studying science at age thirteen, were there aspects of science that you didn’t study that you wanted to, or what area of science interested you most?

    Asked by jelenasofronijevic to Amylou, Maria, Mark L, Mark U on 21 Jun 2012.
    • Photo: Mark Uphill

      Mark Uphill answered on 21 Jun 2012:

      Hi jelenasofronijevic, at the age of 13 I was doing a combined science GCSE. At A’level I did human biology, maths, and psychology and at university I studied sport science involving elements of physics (biomechanics), and chemistry (nutrition) and biology (e.g., cardiovascular system) as they apply to sport performance. I’m guessing the teaching of science has changed quite a lot since I was 13, but in hindisght I’d have like to have studied more physics (not that I was very good at it)!

    • Photo: Amy Evans

      Amy Evans answered on 22 Jun 2012:

      Hi jelenasofonijevic,
      I think I’d have wanted to do more hands-on science, I remember doing more experiments at college but in my school we didn’t do much at all. I think I learn more from doing things practically so that would have been good. It is quite hard to do hands-on work in big classes though so I can understand why we missed out!