• Question: what can you see if you are colour-blind?

    Asked by loopylou to Adam, Faye, Martin, Samantha on 23 May 2012.
    • Photo: Adam Bibbey

      Adam Bibbey answered on 23 May 2012:

      Hi loopylou,

      I am actually slightly colour blind so I could tell you what I see 🙂

      People have different kinds of colour blindness;

      Red/green colour blindness is the most common. The affected person cannot differentiate between red and green.

      Blue colour blindness is an inability to distinguish both blue and yellow, which are seen as white or grey. It is quite rare.

      Hope this helps 🙂

    • Photo: Faye Didymus

      Faye Didymus answered on 26 May 2012:

      Hi loopylou! Color blindness is when someone has difficulty seeing different colours. Someone may be totally or partially colour blind. Total colour blindness is a lot more rare than partial colour blindness. There are two major types of color blindness: those who have difficulty distinguishing between red and green, and who have difficulty distinguishing between blue and yellow.