• Question: what do you consider to be the best scietific discovery of all time?

    Asked by ellascientist to clairemarieroberts, Faye, Martin, Mus, Pete on 23 Apr 2012.
    • Photo: Pete Etchells

      Pete Etchells answered on 23 Apr 2012:

      Brilliant question, thanks ellascientist! I think it’s actually a really difficult one to answer, because there have been so many amazing discoveries that benefit us in so many different ways – things like the discovery of electricity, to understanding the structure of DNA, have all had a massive impact on our lives. From my own point of view though, I think the best discovery of all time was Darwin’s theory of evolution. It underlies so much of what we know about Biology, Psychology, and science in general, that I don’t know where we would be without it! How about you, what’s your favourite discovery of all time?

    • Photo: Faye Didymus

      Faye Didymus answered on 23 Apr 2012:

      I think the internet and personal computing is one of the best scientific developments of all time. Ever find yourself wondering where you’d be without a computer? I often think what I would do without my smart phone where I can access my e-mails on the go…or my laptop where I can surf the internet and keep in touch with my friends and family on sites such as Facebook or Twitter (there are many others too!). The internet and personal computing has crossed over into almost every area of our lives and it has allowed things to happen more quickly, people to stay in touch more easily, and most importantly as far as I believe, we have an incredible wealth of information right at our fingertips! “I’m a Scientist” may not have happened without it and I’m walking to a sports event as I write this to you…I think that’s pretty amazing!