• Question: What do you think is most important in sport , mental attitude or physical ability?

    Asked by spacenut to David, Mus, Tess, Yue on 10 May 2012.
    • Photo: Mustafa Sarkar

      Mustafa Sarkar answered on 10 May 2012:

      Hi spacenut. Great question. Being a sport psychologist, I’d profer say it was mental attitude! haha. In all seriousness, I would say it’s a bit of both. You can’t get to the top without having physical ability and then if you want to be world-class, I think the psychological bit makes all the difference. Hope that answers your question. Mus

    • Photo: David Muggeridge

      David Muggeridge answered on 13 May 2012:

      I’m unfortunately going to have to agree with Mus on this one. As an exercise physiologist its all about physical ability for me however with the increasing demands that athletes have, to be able to perform at the very top the right mental attitude is essential for performance and becoming more and more important