• Question: what is the point of school it is boring isn't it!! ?

    Asked by prosyndicate to clairemarieroberts, Faye, Martin, Mus, Pete on 23 Apr 2012.
    • Photo: Pete Etchells

      Pete Etchells answered on 23 Apr 2012:

      School’s not that bad! I think the difficult thing about school is that you have to do so many different topics. But it’s really important that you get a broad range of knowledge about things, because you’ll need to get good grades in order to give yourself the best chance at finding a job that you’re interested in in the future.

      Are there any subjects that you like more than others?

    • Photo: clairemarieroberts

      clairemarieroberts answered on 23 Apr 2012:

      Prosyndicate what would you rather be doing?

    • Photo: Faye Didymus

      Faye Didymus answered on 29 Apr 2012:

      Hi prosyndicate. There must be some fun stuff that you do at school? I’m a psychologist so I believe it’s down to the individual to make the most out of things, including school! We always have a choice…we can choose to be bored or we can choose to try and see the fun side of things. What subjects do you enjoy most at school?