• Question: Which is the healthiest form of exercise, running or walking?????

    Asked by gemmy to clairemarieroberts, Faye, Martin, Mus, Pete on 23 Apr 2012.
    • Photo: Pete Etchells

      Pete Etchells answered on 23 Apr 2012:

      Hi gemmy! That’s actually a really interesting question. I’m not completely sure on the answer, but I think it depends on what you mean by healthy, really. If you mean ‘burning the most calories’, then running is probably more effective than that walking, but even then it’s not such a simple answer. If you mean ‘better cardiovascular health’, then the answer might be even more complicated. The key to getting a good workout is, in part, keeping it up for a while. So a half-hour brisk walk is probably better for you than a 15-minute run, in terms of strengthening your heart and lungs. Slowly strolling to the shops and back doesn’t count!

      Walking’s generally a good form of exercise, because it’s really easy to do more of it in your day. For example, instead of using a lift, use the stairs!

    • Photo: Faye Didymus

      Faye Didymus answered on 23 Apr 2012:

      That’s a really good question gemmy…thank you 🙂 You’ve got me thinking, which is good going for a Monday afternoon! I think the answer depends on a lot of things, perhaps the most important being the person’s demographic details (such as age, weight, height etc). For example, it would be pretty dangerous to go on a run if you were severly overweight. Similarly, if someone was severly underweight, I would be reluctant to recommend they go on a run because they may not have the energy to do so. You’ve posed a difficult question to answer! I think the simple answer though is to say that it really depends on the individual and what they are trying to get out of the exercise!