• Question: Why do you think it is important to study pyschology, and how does it affect our everyday lives?

    Asked by simxx22 to David, Jonathan, Pete, Sam on 8 Jul 2012.
    • Photo: Pete Etchells

      Pete Etchells answered on 8 Jul 2012:

      Psychology is the study of the human mind, and can range from looking at how our vision systems work, to how children develop, to what goes wrong with our brains as a result of stroke or head trauma. I think it’s a really important subject, because it’s all about us – how our brains work, and what makes us who we are. Psychological research has all sorts of applications in every day life, from the way doctors treat patients who might have been in car accident, or who are suffering from depression, to what the best way to build an airplane cockpit is. For example, in the last year of my undergraduate course, I learned how we control our appetite (and how that sort of control can go wrong for some people, and how we can address that), but I also learned about how ferry disasters might happen (due to human behaviour, and how alarm systems are designed). So there are lots of important ways it can affect every day life, but aside from that, I just think it’s REALLY interesting to learn about what makes us who we are!