• Question: Why do you think you deserve the money more than everyone else?

    Asked by emchivs1398 to Adam, Amylou, Mark L, Samantha, Jemma on 14 Jun 2012. This question was also asked by imtrolling.
    • Photo: Adam Bibbey

      Adam Bibbey answered on 14 Jun 2012:

      Hi emchivs1398,

      The money is just an added extra, the main reason I volunteered was so I could try and answer as many students’ questions as possible. There have been soo many interesting questions so far!

      If I did win then I said that I would put it towards a school so pupils could go on a science trip or to buy some new equipment for science classes so students could do some experiments 🙂

      Hope you have enjoyed asking questions


    • Photo: Samantha Wright

      Samantha Wright answered on 15 Jun 2012:

      Well, I think all of the Scientist I have met and answered questions with would use the money well, and the key thing is that it means you guys will get the opportunity to have more fun and find out interesting things about science through practical activities.

      I would use it to go into schools and run fun hands-on classes about bits of science that you may not otherwise get to see in school. I always found I enjoyed things much more when there was someboby different telling me about it and when I got to have a go myself… and those are the things that have stuck in my memory most too!


    • Photo: Mark Lewis

      Mark Lewis answered on 20 Jun 2012:

      I don’t! Like the other guys on here, I have been doing this because I love what I do and want to get as many students as possible excited by science!