• Question: Would it be possible for us to evolve further, I know it will take hundreds of years, but what could we evolve into e.g. Grow wings, breathe underwater, get super smart .

    Asked by ez3t1524 to David, Jonathan, Pete, Sam on 4 Jul 2012.
    • Photo: Pete Etchells

      Pete Etchells answered on 4 Jul 2012:

      Yes, it’s definitely the case that we’re still evolving – there’s no reason to think why we wouldn’t! It will take thousands and thousands of years to see big differences though. As cool as it would be to have wings or breathe underwater, I don’t think that that will happen, because there aren’t any selective pressures that would mean being able to do those things would result in an advantage for us. Getting smarter is definitely one possibility though – the pace of technology development is so fast nowadays, it’s hard to keep up with all the information that we’re bombarded with. So perhaps in the future, we might evolve new ways of communicating with each other, or faster ways of processing information.