Tess Newman

Photo: Tess

Me and my Work: Currently researching for in PhD in tissue engineering – a really exciting area of medical science and engineering with occasional gory bits

Status: Thanks guys for putting me through to the final week - better get answering some of your tricky questions....

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Pete Etchells

Photo: Pete

Me and my Work: I’m a Psychologist, and I’m interested in how we use information about the way someone walks in order to figure out what their personality might be like.

Status: So excited about winning In the Zone! Thanks to everyone who voted!

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John Perry

Photo: John

Me and my Work: I run a sport science with psychology degree at Leeds Trinity University College.

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Faye Didymus

Photo: Faye

Me and my Work: I use psychological science and apply it to sports. I teach students at Loughborough University and work alongside a number of athletes to try and help them perform as best they can in competitions

Status: so excited to be in the final of I'm a Scientist! Thank you to all who voted for me...looking forward to next week and hopefully lots more questions and votes! :)

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Amy Evans

Photo: Amylou

Me and my Work: I study how and why heavier people’s bones are different to lighter people’s bones so that we can make treatments to help people avoid breaking their bones

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